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Photos taken By Gary McDaid Photography
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Pimp My Wheelchair Project

Growing up in a wheelchair you begin to notice people staring just because you are a young person in a chair, so I began to modify my chair to give them a real reason to stare.

The Underglow Kit

The first thing added to the chair was the underglow kit, which was kindly sent by ICELED. It is a scaled down version of their UFO Kit for cars, which uses over 2million colours, reacts to sound & I can edit the colour scheme how ever I want. All the wiring is hidden in 2 boxes which also have light in to make the logos on the covers glow. Signs Experts kinda made the covers for these boxes.

The Solar Panel

To help keep the batteries healthy I decided to fit a solar panel and The Solar Centre offered to send me a 80watt 12v panel. This may not be enought to fully charge the batteries, but it does help them last longer.

The Number Plate

Over the years I have had a few different number plates but "D4 NNY" has always been my favorite. The current number plate was sent by Pro Plates, they have also done some show plates to fit on my car too. The mount was made by Signs Experts is a sheet of correx covered in black vinyl with my web adrdress cut out so the light from the LED strip behind can shine through.

The Wheels

Better Mobility offered to send me a set of 2nd hand wheels & tyres which I then took to John Bee LTD who then sprayed them pure white and OZ Racing stickers.

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