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Pimp My Wheelchair

Ever since I've used a wheelchair I always getn noticed because I'm a young person in a wheelchair. This used to really bug me so I decided to give people another reason to stare. as it is a NHS wheelchair I couldn't do anything perminate so I started by contacting various companies to see if anyone had something I could add to my chair. I recieved an email back from ICELED saying they would help, a few days later I recieved a custom underglow kit made specially to fit the chair

Although the LED's hardly touch the battery power I wanted to make the chair even more special contacted The Solar Centre and they offered to send me a 80w 12v Solar Panel. Next up I wanted a new way to mount the numberplate which was sent to me by Pro-Plates so I contacted a local sign company called Signs Experts so made me a mount from correx and black vinyl which then lights up using more ICELED

Currently fitted to the wheelchair:-

Iceled Iceled Signs Experts ProPlates Webelec Ltd